LAST CALL -- Leaving Fantasyland

by RS Colporteur

Course Outline

Stage 1: Boot Camp

            Hell Week: "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God" 1 hour taped.

            Orientation: "Born Again and New Birth" 4 hours taped.

            Content: read through Bible, overview emphasis only.

            Old Testament: Videos

                The Evidence That God Exists - Ray Comfort

                10 Lies About God - Dr. Erwin Lutzer

                Does the Truth Matter Anymore? - John MacArthur

                Who Are You To Judge - Dr Erwin Lutzer

                True & False Conversions - Ray Comfort

            New Testament: Scriptural Christianity Videos

            Duration: minimum 6 months, bi-weekly.

            Competency: tests for concepts and class discussion.

            Class time: 1 - 2 hours.

            Materials: Bible, notebook.

            Final - Confidence Course: "Marks of the New Birth" 8 hours taped.

            Rank: Boot Camp Survivor T-shirt.


Stage 2: Berean Tech School

            2a. How to Interpret Scripture

                Content: "A Workman Approved by God" 32 hours taped.

                Duration: minimum 6 months, weekly.

                Competency: class discussion and projects, no tests.

                Class time: 2 - 4+ hours, based on class input.

                Materials: Bible, notebook, Berean Combat Kit.

            2b. Concurrent In-depth Bible Reading and Study

                Content: Assignments per instructor's discretion.

                Duration: concurrent with Section 2a.

                Competency: individual contribution and discussion.

                Class time: 1 - 2 hours. or less, weekly, individual contributions and discussion.

                Materials: Bible, notebook, optional books and computer software.

            Earn: Battle Readiness Rank (beret and insignia).


Stage 3: Advanced Combat Training

            3a. Classroom Instruction

                 Content: "Sovereignty of God and 2 Sides of the Same Coin" 20 hours taped.

                 Same as 2a.

            3b. OJT - On The Job Training

                Project: Define in an oral and written presentation "What is a Christian," based on the Word of God

                Same as 2b.

                Materials: Notebook, doctrinal study guide and optional resource materials.


Stage 4: Graduation

            Earn: Diploma and the Faceted Diamond of Truth Award.


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II Timothy 2:15 -- Psalm 4:2